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The Key, a DVD by Santos

At workshops and seminars, Santos continues to present his insights into the Holy Science. Many of his past presentations have been recorded --and more exciting works
will be available in the future.
High quality DVDs of the
best of his works are available here!
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Santos' DVDs are
$30 per program.

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Santos work.
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The Key to As Above, So Below
The original two-hour and 40 minute presentation on astrotheology. Discover how astrology was the original science and the origin of all religion.
(two disk set - $30)
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Key to the Holy Science #1
A look at how the Sun's cycles helped humans to formulate their basic language, their concept of numbers and the storylines of many fairy tales and legends. Santos demonstrates how, in its later evolution, astrology laid the foundation for science as well as many religions around the world.
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Key to the Holy Science
(Program #2)

A video of Santos' presentation at the Nexus Forum in Carnegie, Melbourne. Here, Santos defines the many cycles in our visual Universe-- from the daily rotation of our Earth to our solar system's 24,000 year orbit around Sirius, our Sun's binary star.
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Claiming Your Dominion
Soveriegnty Law

A history of the true law, how it was perverted
and how you can reclaim dominion
in your legal rights and financial affairs.
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Universal Truth School is also the representative in the South Pacific area
for publications from Starry-Eyed Publications and Astro-Visions by William Schreib

To save on expensive postage, Santos and William are working together to "bulk ship" these books to Australia.
So, if you are in the South Pacific area, this is the place to order these books!

Dance of the Zodiac
Book Overview by the Author
This 8'5 X 11 inch, bound and laminated book with 86 pages evolved out of the 14 years of research that this author used in creating the monthly "Celebrity Snapshots" for DELL HOROSCOPE Magazine. This book goes beyond the column to reveal my 40 years of observations on astrology and its effect on human physical traits and personalities.
Starting with an overview that suggests possibilities on why astrology works, this publication examines how the artful language of astrology beautifully captures the 12-step creative process that occurs in the turning of the seasons and in all events in the Universe, from the galaxies to sub-atomic particles. Yes, these are the rhythms and patterns of ALL creation!
The Sun's transit through the Zodiac Signs gives the Earth its 3 modal forces and 4 elemental qualities, that in combination, result in the specific mannerisms, quirks and physical traits we see in each of the 12 signs. These traits are shown in photos of the faces of over a hundred celebrities and captured in the amazingly accurate caricatures of each of the signs.
Three separate "photo collage" sections in the book show celebrities who share common Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendants. There is also a chapter that reveals the effects of the decans on all of the Sun Signs. The book concludes with 24 classic "Celebrity Snapshots" from past issues of DELL HOROSCOPE.
This is the most comprehensive "visual" work ever to be completed on the physical influences of astrology on human character. I believe you will find it fascinating.

William Schreib ~ Please check out my other insights at: www.astro-visions.com

"Personalities of the Zodiac, a Cartoon Chronicle on How Your Birthday Shapes Your Character" is Schreib's first book published in 1998. This 60 page (5 X 8.5 inch) bound and laminated book takes you on a fully illustrated journey through the seasons of the year. Here, Schreib's original caricatures and celebrity photos are placed in whimsical Zodiac environments to demonstrate the creative impulses of each of the signs.


You can Secure Order William Schreib's books here!
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It can be shipped anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific area.

Dance of the Zodiac
$20 per copy

Personalities of the Zodiac
$10 per copy

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